Sunday, 11 December 2011

Learning English Is Fun

Teaching Phonetics
"Phonetics" is the study of the sounds that people make when they speak.
Some languages match the sounds to the writing of the language so that every letter or symbol is always sounded/pronounced the same way. These languages are called "phonetic" languages.
The English language is not a phonetic language. It is because the letters and the sounds do not always match!Many words are pronounced very differently from how they are written.
This is very confusing for learners of English especially for those who have a phonetic language.

Some learners of English are excellent at vocabulary and grammar but people find it hard to understand them because of their incorrect pronunciation. This is very frustrating for the speaker and the listener.

Many learners of English find it very difficult to pronounce some of the English sounds because these sounds are not in their own languages.  This is normal for any learner of any language but with practice and guidance these sounds can be learned, just the way you had to learn your own language when you were a baby!

To overcome many of these pronunciation problems every learner of English should first be taught, study and learn the international phonetic symbols used in the English language. (There are many international phonetic symbols for all languages. The phonetic symbols show you how to pronounce English words.The letters of the alphabet show you how to write English words.

This activity is for teachers to help their students become more knowledgeable and interested in learning the sounds of English and also will help the students to pronounce the letters and words correctly.

          Learning the A,B,C sounds in English


I have tried these activities in my class and I found out my students every excited and enjoyed themselves. Besides, these activities also helped them memories the sound of the letters and words correctly.

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